Office of the

The following functions are currently led from the OPD:

  • Budgeting, Financial Administration and Compliance 
  • Corporate Communication & Public Relations
  • Partnerships and Alliances
  • Procurement
  • Strategic Planning and Reporting
  • Talent Management
  • Systems Administration


Winnie Berry

Mrs. Winnie Ann Marie Berry has served the teaching professions for over 36 years. During her years of teaching at The Queen’s School for Girls in St. Andrew, she consistently steered students towards high academic achievement. She was also staff advisor to the Students’ Council while in a senior capacity.

At the Ministry of Education, Youth & Information, Mrs. Berry served as Acting Chief Education Officer of the Educational Services Division, Assistant Chief Education Officer of the Media Services Unit and Senior Education Officer in the Curriculum Unit. She is the Deputy Chief Education Officer of the Curriculum & Support Services and currently acting as Director/ Principal for the National College for Educational Leadership (NCEL) since September 2021. 

She has contributed to the development of several Ministry initiatives. These include the National Standards Curriculum, Sixth Form Textbook Programme, the Literature Textbook Programme for PATH students, the Integrative Teaching and Scheduling Models, Learning Kits and the National Textbook Voucher Initiative.

She was Programme Coordinator for other undertakings, such as the Positive Behaviour in Schools Programme in 2014 and the design and development of a series of educational resources to support the Social Studies component of the National Standards Curriculum for secondary schools in 2015. 

Mrs. Berry has received several awards, which include the CEO’s Award for Outstanding Team Member of the Curriculum and Support Services for 2010-2011 and the Award for Excellence annually for the years 2015-2021 from the Ministry of Education. Her contribution to the nation’s education system has not gone without recognition at the highest level as she is also the recipient of the Prime Minister’s Medal of Appreciation for Service to Education, which she received in June 2018.

Sandria Hunt
Office Manager
Ossornie Fowler
Racquel Hyuman-Mitchell
Accounting Officer
Ashima Rankin
Records & Documentation Officer
Collin Bailey
Systems Administrator
Toni-Ann Rankine
Communications/Public Relations Officer
Chenora Brown
Administrative Assistant

The Division of Programmes (DoP)

The following functions are currently led from the Division of Programmes:

  • Logistics, Assessment and Certification
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Programme Administration
  • Programme Design and Development 


Cheryl McLaughlin
Director of Programmes
Philando Neil
Programmes officer
Keriffe Clark
Programmes Officer
Jamie Russell
Programmes officer
Camielle Michael-Patterson
Programmes Officer
Jodiê Smith
Programmes Officer
Shericka Wilson
Logistics, Certification and Assessment Manager
Monique kelly
Programmes Administrator
Sutana Hemans
Programmes Administrator
Tamane Lumley
Administrative Assistant to the Director of Programmes
Troy McKetty
Records and Documentation Officer

Division of
Quality Assurance

Terry-Ann Wallace
Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Officer