Dr. Winsome Gordon

Dr Winsome Gordon is known in many countries for her work in the field of education, in particular, the quality of education.  She undertook research and developed education sector programmes in Africa and Asia, mobilized resources for their implementation, advocated for girls’ education and for child poverty eradication to be evident in national poverty reduction programmes.  In working with teachers, she prepared strategies for the advancement of the teaching profession through up-to-date training colleges and programmes, and was instrumental in forging partnerships between public education development and representational bodies for teachers.  She participated in the process that sought to create common standards of education in the European Union. Her international work was made possible through the various positions that she held in UNESCO for 20 years.

Before joining UNESCO, she worked at all levels of the education system in Jamaica, starting at Mount Moreland Primary School and ending in the Ministry of Education. She was a key player in the development of HEART/NTA and prepared and brought to approval projects financed by The World Bank, the Inter American Bank Development Bank, The Caribbean Development Bank, USAID and World Food Programme. From the MoE she joined the Planning Institute of Jamaica as Manager of the External Economic Programme, and in that capacity, ensured viability of social development projects.

Because Dr. Gordon is people oriented, wherever she goes she creates platforms for wide-scale participation and inclusiveness in the development of education. Creating associations and public and private partnerships have become her hallmark as she acts on the belief that education for all is the business of all.

Dr Gordon attended St Jago High School and received her postsecondary education at the University of the West Indies at Mona in Jamaica. In 1975 she obtained a Bachelor of Education Degree with Distinction and two years later was offered the option of a Masters in Education with Distinction or the continuation directly to the Doctorate in Philosophy (Education). She opted for the latter and obtained the Doctorate Degree in July of 1981.

Because of her work nationally and internationally, she has received recognition from The School of Education, UWI, Mona, from her alma mater St Jago High School and Church Teachers’ College where she received her initial teacher training. Dr Gordon returned to her home in Jamaica in October 2006 with an objective, to serve her country and to contribute as much as she can to the advancement of quality education for all Jamaicans.