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This learning product is designed to equip school administrators with practical tips, tools and strategies that may be employed in the preparation for the re-opening of schools after a crisis. It provides rich information and meaningful strategies on a range of areas that are critical to the effective leadership and management of schools amidst the Covid-19 restrictions and beyond.

Programme Officer: Jamie Russell

The Leadership for Safer Schools (LSS) programme is designed to support school leaders in creating safe environments that will reduce school-related violence and gender-based violence. It was designed on the premise that interventions to reduce gender-based violence must be grounded in behaviour change brought about by the development of non-threatening school environments where the rights of children are respected and promoted.

Programme Officer: Philando Neil

This programme is designed with two levels to introduce the concepts and principles that are central to Child-Friendly Schools within the Global context in Level I and is further explored in the Jamaican school context in Level II .

Programme Officer: Camielle Michael-Patterson

The Effective Principals’ Training Programme (EPTP) is a professional development programme designed to keep in-service principals abreast of the latest developments in school leadership. The modules are designed to sensitise and prepare persons for the dynamic role of school leadership in a transformed ministry. The programme utilises hands-on application, while keeping an eye on the Education Act and Regulations.

Programme Officer: Philando Neil

The Leadership and School Policy (LSP) programme is designed to introduce participants to sixteen policies developed and/or endorsed by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information (MoEYI) specifically to guide leadership practices in public schools.

Programme Officer: Keriffe Clark

How to Apply

The Aspiring Principals’ Programme (APP) was designed as a Professional Qualification for Principalship (PQP) to adequately prepare individuals who desire to develop the competences for the task of principalship prior to them being in the post.

Programme Officer: Keriffe Clark

Applications for the CFS Leadership Programme Now OPEN!

Please be advised that application for Cohort 13 of the Child-Friendly School Leadership Programme is open. 

Applications are open for principals and vice principals who have not yet been trained since the official commencement of the programme on January 30, 2020.

Applications will close on January 27, 2022. 

CFS Ambassadorship Application