Normal functions of the immune system include defence against infections and detection and destruction of cancerous or autoreactive cells. As the immune system ages and these capabilities decline, there is increased susceptibility to infections and cancer and an increased incidence of autoimmune disorders.

Revival All Age Shows Care During Covid-19


Nestled in the rural and quiet community of Hopewell, Westmoreland, the Revival All Age School is a primary level institution which caters to the educational and developmental needs of students from the communities of Retreat, Revival, Brighton and Orange Hill. Guided by its motto, “Aim High and Embrace Your Greatness”, the school has been designing its intervention strategies and modifying the curriculum to meet the needs of the approximately two hundred students in its care.

Leading Great Teams

Leading Great Teams

Today, as organizations become more advanced and knowledge becomes commonplace through the use of technology, leaders are realising the importance of a team.  Slowly, the individualistic thinking and siloed culture are being eroded and there is acknowledgement of the appreciation of skills and competencies that others bring to the table.  Every good leader knows the value of a focussed and high performing team as well as the associated risks of leading an unhappy one.

Continuous Professional Development: An Imperative for Educators

Hargreaves and Shirley (2009) indicate that “our schools are the social embryos of humanity—those institutions that we establish to promote our highest collective values. They should be the embodiment of norms of reciprocity, social trust, and democratic deliberation” (p. 163).  Schools are centres of action in the education system.

Muscling up on Mental Health: Benefits of Physical Activity on our Mental Health

 “Health does not just mean the absence of sickness. Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of diseases and infirmity. It means you feel good all around” (Fountain and Goodwin, 1996). This statement proves true.  We cannot have overall good health without having good physical, mental and social health. They all influence each other. How many times have you seen it? A ‘perfectly physically fit’ individual; however very poor social or mental health? Do you remember the famous Robin Williams? He was very sociable; however, he battled depression for some time before taking his own life. For any individual to be termed ‘healthy’, he/she would need to not only be free of diseases but also have good mental, physical and social wellbeing.

Stress Coping Mechanisms: The Silent Killer; Living with the Inevitable

Stress Coping Mechanisms

The Silent Killer; Living with the Inevitable