Miss Shericka Wilson

Shericka Wilson is an intrinsically motivated and task oriented individual. She holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Education from the Shortwood Teachers’ College and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Education Degree in Educational Administration at the University of the West Indies.

Her professional life began at the Half Way Tree Primary School where she was placed on teaching experience. Ms. Wilson later taught at the Grade One level at the Harbour View Primary School. Here, she gained a number of skills including Lesson Planning, Classroom Observation, Reporting and Evaluation. This experience though short, has taught her life skills such as patience, humility, endurance, to remain calm and optimism.

Ms. Wilson is known amongst her peers to often be the ‘voice of reason’; an optimist; always looking at the glass as half full. Ms. Wilson is a lover of kids and enjoys the company of children as she finds them to be amazingly intuitive, bias free and smart.

Ms. Wilson is employed to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information/National College for Educational Leadership where she has served in several capacities. Ms. Wilson has served as the Records Officer where she managed amongst other things, all the data and records and was responsible for the preparation, collation and archiving of documents on behalf of the college. She has also served as the Senior Programmes Administrator and the Administrative Assistant to the Director of Programmes.

Ms. Wilson’s mantra which reads; ‘Some may scuff at my passion or question my greatness but it’s not my responsibility to explain. I choose to live for me.’ Ms. Wilson is not one to be swayed by unimportant or irrelevant information or the opinions of others. She believes in speaking her truth and moving forward. Ms. Wilson would proudly boast that her greatest achievement is that of being a proud sister, daughter and confidant. Ms. Wilson holds to high regard her family and very small group of friends. For her, this is what is worth living for, knowing that someone is there every morning, waiting on you to wake up, be up and to shine because her greatness is also their greatness.