Mr. Trevis Morgan

Trevis Morgan recently assumed duties at the National College for Educational Leadership (NCEL) in the capacity of Monitoring and Evaluation Officer in the Quality Assurance Division. As a quality assurance officer, he is tasked with the responsibilities of ensuring that the highest quality standards are met and maintained. Prior to his employment with NCEL, Mr. Morgan worked as an educator at Wolmer’s High School for Boys and The Queen’s School.

At Wolmer’s High School for Boys, he worked in the department of Geography and Humanities. Additionally, Mr. Morgan served on numerous committees that contributed to the development of the institution. Mr. Morgan’s attention to the success and pastoral care of students in his care led to his promotion as a Middle Manager, where he held the post of Assistant Year Group Coordinator to Sixth Form followed by Assistant Extra-Curricular Activities Coordinator. For two consecutive years, Mr. Morgan was awarded the school’s Form Teacher of the Term Award, a reward for the role he played in the development of the students he supervised.

Guided by the philosophy “Knowledge and Competence bring Success”, Mr. Trevis Morgan strongly believes that one’s intentional efforts to acquire new knowledge and to put it into practice will result in greater levels of self-actualisation and improved outputs. This mantra aligns well with the National College’s mandate to increase the competence of school leaders in an effort to improve student outcomes and a better education system.

In his quest for added knowledge and professional development, Mr. Morgan pursued and successfully completed his postgraduate studies at the University of the West Indies, Mona, obtaining a Master of Education degree in Curriculum Development with distinction. He also holds a Bachelor of Education degree in Geography and Environmental Studies from The Mico University College. Following his own philosophy Mr. Morgan hopes to obtain a doctoral degree in Curriculum Development and Instructions from the University of Toronto. 

During his tenure at the University of the West Indies and his engagement in the classroom, Mr. Morgan engaged in research that explored the declining presence of males in education, presenting at Shortwood Teachers’ College and the University of Technology Research Conferences. A research paper he co-researched was recently presented at Trinidad’s CANQATE Conference by his co-researcher. Mr. Morgan is an active member of the Association for Graduate Researchers in Education at the University of the West Indies. His other areas of research interest include Curriculum Implementation and Teacher Supervision and Evaluation.