Taneisha Ingleton, PhD has a performance driven, agile and innovative mind. She believes in the infinite capacity of each individual to bring autonomy, mastery and purpose to their life and work. Dr. Ingleton has expertise in Design Thinking and is a Leadership Development Programme Designer, Educational Leadership Researcher, Capability Development Specialist, Designer of Competency Frameworks and Consultant. She earned her PhD at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. Her scholarly writing, her experiences and her dissertation research have focused significantly on leadership development. Prior to her Master of Philosophy Degree, she had completed her Undergraduate Degree and Post Graduate Diploma from the University of the West Indies [UWI], Jamaica with First Class Honours and, distinction respectively.

Dr. Ingleton has over 19 years combined teaching, research and management experience at the high school, undergraduate, masters and doctoral levels in Jamaica and Canada. Her areas of research and teaching include educational leadership, teacher education and training, educational policy and planning, instructional leadership, school improvement, strategic planning, editorial writing, Spanish language, literature and culture. She has published papers on the principalship, transformational leadership, and school effectiveness. Dr. Ingleton was critical to the development of the Whole of Government Competency Framework and Professional Pathways for the Public Service in Jamaica. She is a certified Performance Coach, a motivational and sought-after keynote speaker on matters relating to leadership development, creating a culture of continuous improvement, authenticity and personal and professional advancement.

Dr. Ingleton was instrumental in the expansion of the Effective Principals’ Training Programme (EPTP) to regional educational sectors such as the British Virgin Islands and Anguilla while she served as the College's Director of Programmes with specific responsibility for System and School Development & Capacity Building. Under her leadership of the Programmes Division, the College received a grant from the OAS/ITEN for a Canadian Educational Mission and an award from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) for innovation in leadership development initiatives. Additionally, she successfully led the design, development and implementation of the University and College Leadership Training Programme and the School Financial Management and Administrative Training Programme. She has reimagined the EPTP, the Aspiring Principals’ Programme, the Leadership of Place Training Programme and the Coaching Programme.

Dr. Ingleton has represented the College and the Ministry of Education as head of delegation on missions and consultancies to provide technical expertise in Malaysia, Canada, Barbados, Turks and Caicos Islands, Grenada, British Virgin Islands and Anguilla. Dr. Ingleton is an excellent conceptualiser and an ardent researcher who has examined issues and has published papers on leadership development, student leadership, culture and language, the principalship and school effectiveness. She is a certified Performance Coach, a motivational and sought after keynote speaker on matters relating to leadership and leadership development, creating a culture of continuous improvement, authenticity and personal and professional advancement.

Dr. Taneisha Ingleton is currently the Director/Principal at the National College for Educational Leadership and is pursuing a Bachelor of Laws. In December 2019, she launched her book, “Being, Learning and Doing: How Leaders Create Capabilities”. She delights in spending time with her husband, Carmichael, and their daughter, Chrysali.



Cheryl A. McLaughlin, PhD has spent over 15 years overseas working in the tertiary and post-secondary education systems where she gained valuable experience in curriculum development, instruction, and educational research. Her research has informed several conference presentations and peer-reviewed publications primarily in the area of STEM education, and teacher development in professional learning communities.

Dr. McLaughlin obtained a Masters of Education at the St John’s University in New York and a Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Florida. She was employed at the University of Florida for approximately five years where she taught pre-service teachers, and designed and implemented professional development activities for teacher leaders at the elementary, middle and high schools. She was also responsible for designing and evaluating professional learning opportunities for STEM instructors.

Prior to joining the NCEL team, Dr. McLauhglin served as Deputy Chief Inspector at the National Education Inspectorate (NEI) where she was responsible for leading and managing the inspection of educational institutions in Jamaica. Her collective experience brings fresh perspectives to the education system and further enhances the College’s efforts at improving the quality of school leadership.