Mrs. Pauleen Reid

Mrs. Pauleen Reid is a devoted educator who received initial certification at Shortwood Teachers’ College.  She then advanced to the University of the West Indies where she earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English. She later enrolled at the Central Connecticut State University from which she graduated with a Master of Science in Educational Leadership.

Mrs. Reid has certainly made her mark in the educational arena, as she has conducted several seminars for CSEC in English A and B and has taught English to employees in several hotels in Ocho Rios, under a programme sponsored by the hotels to raise the academic qualification levels for staff. Additionally, she has extended her services to aid in developing the communication skills of non-nationals at the Language Training Centre.

Mrs. Reid’s call to servanthood/stewardship is not confined to education as she serves in many other capacities. She embraces the belief that serving humanity should not be an occasional occurrence, but a way of life, and so she has created the legacy of being sole sponsor and organizer of an annual Christmas Treat in Brandon Hill, Clarendon, her community of origin. She is a member of the Jamaica Foundation for Lifelong Learning in Trelawny, Special projects Chair for Jamaica Cultural Development Commission and she has also served as Public Relations Officer for the Women’s Centre. Her investment in Christian service is also highlighted by the fact that she is a Deacon at Burchell Baptist Church, a Lay Preacher and the Chairman for Church Mission.

Mrs. Reid’s achievements have captured national attention, as she was the recipient of The Gleaner’s Woman of the Year Award in 2000 and Lasco Principal of the Year for 2010-2011. She is also the Immediate Past President of The Association of Principals and Vice –Principals. Mrs. Reid is currently the Principal of Holland High School in Trelawny.

She is married to Norman Reid and is the mother of two children; Ryan and Rochelle.